Energy Metabolism of Carbohydrates- Tips To Increase - Energy Metabolism of Carbohydrates- Tips To Increase -

Energy Metabolism of Carbohydrates- Tips To Increase

Energy Metabolism of Carbohydrates

Metabolism is the system in your body that is responsible for giving you all the energy. It is that element that keeps the body alive. If you have a high metabolism, it means you can burn calories faster, and therefore you will have fewer chances of gaining weight. But what if you have a low level of metabolism? Then you will burn fewer calories, and it can result in obesity. Here are some of the significant ways to increase the energy metabolism of carbohydrates to give you optimum energy.

Protein Rich Diet Is Necessary

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If you are eating food in an unhealthy manner, then your metabolism will be affected. Instead, you can have ample protein in your diet, and it will help in better absorption of the nutrients. Protein causes a rise in the TEF and will increase the rate of metabolism by 15-30%. In the case of carbs, the burning speed is 5-10%, and for fats, it is 0-3%. Also, if you eat more protein, you will feel full, and there will be less craving for something unhealthy. Again, not having enough protein will cause you to lose your muscles instead of the fat.

Drinking Cold Water-Energy Metabolism of Carbohydrates

If you drink 17 ounces of water, it will increase the rate of metabolism by 10-30%. Your body gets heated up because the body tries to balance with the cold water temperature, and therefore, the calories will burn more. Overweight people should drink half-liter water before meals because it will make them feel full. According to a study, this practice will help in losing 44% of the weight rather than the people who didn’t do the same.

High-Intensity Training-Energy Metabolism of Carbohydrates

The HIIT Training will help in burning off your carbs, thereby inducing metabolism. It can help in burning more fat even after the training is over. For HIIT trainers, the metabolism will be better, and there will be a reduction in fat mass. According to the study on overweight individuals, about 12 weeks of HIIT will reduce almost 2kgs in total, and the belly fat would decrease by 17%.


If you do not suffer from joint pain, then nothing can be better than lifting weights if you want to induce metabolism. The more you practice weightlifting, the more calories you can burn. It will also help in retaining the muscles and can combat problems like obesity. Both men and women should do resistance training so that more carbs can burn and they can maintain their muscle mass. But without this regime, the weight gain and loss will be speedy, and the fluctuation is not suitable for the body.

Green Tea And Oolong Tea

According to the medical reports, these two types of tea increase metabolism by 4-5%. It helps in burning the fat from the body to smaller particles, and the fat burning increases by 17%. You can get them at affordable rates online, and you can try having them twice every day.


Increasing metabolism is not going to be a problem if you know how to do it correctly. Now burning fat is not so bad after all!

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