Coping With Calories In An Egg

Coping With Calories In An Egg

Coping With Calories In An Egg - The Vegetarian Idea For You

Everyone thinks that eggs are the only way of building your body. It’s true to a certain extent. Eggs are a major key factor that almost every bodybuilder eats feels proud of eating more than anyone else. We have a different prospect to tell you. Especially, if you are a vegetarian, it would make you feel good. If you tell any bodybuilder around the world that you can get more proteins with vegetarian food than eggs, he will most probably scoff at you. He will have tears rolling off his eyes due to laughing really hard at your joke. But, after reading this article, you will learn of a few vegetarian foods that can bring the joke on them! So, without further ado, let’s begin on how to cope with calories in an egg.

Coping With Calories In An Egg With Hummus

Yes, it is the Arabic dip that you get in any Middle Eastern restaurant. It is made up of beans, olive oil, lemon juice, and garlic. It is as healthy as it gets old. A typical egg will provide you with nearly 6g of protein and you find more calories in an egg. A half-cup of hummus provides your body with almost 10 g of protein which is almost twice more than an egg, and is a lot tastier as well!

Black Beans And Tofu

Black beans, as we know it is the black colored beans which are a high source of antioxidants and fiber. A cup of black peas provides nearly 15g of protein. Made up of peanut (obviously), peanut butter is another source of protein It provides you with an alternative to the egg. Two tablespoons give 8g of protein, still a lot more than an egg. Tofu is made of paneer or cheese, a delicious alternative to the calories in an egg. It gives you 10g of protein in a cup.

Chickpeas are some better sources of protein. You can have 15g of protein if you consume one cup. Tastes a lot better than eggs at any time of the day. Pumpkin seeds even though it means nothing at times, have a lot more protein than an egg. 30g of serving gives you 9g of protein. Bet you didn’t know that.


If you don’t like eggs, let’s switch to the better ones. So, it is true. There are vegetarian foods that are better sources of protein than an egg. There can be multiple reasons why you would like to opt for vegetarian foods. Maybe you dislike the smell of an egg or you are a vegetarian or maybe you want to prove an egg freak wrong about building body with vegetarian food. Whatever your reason, today you will finally be able to get rid of egg myth from your head. So, there you have it. A list of few vegetarian foods which will give you more protein than an egg. The list goes on even further. But I will stop here to let you digest this new information. Now you know, eggs are not the only great source of protein. Vegetables defeat egg any time of the day. 

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