Top 6 Natural Energy and Metabolism Boosters That You Must Know - Top 6 Natural Energy and Metabolism Boosters That You Must Know -

Top 6 Natural Energy and Metabolism Boosters That You Must Know

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In these hectic days, we often get tired of the approach of diet and exercise to lose weight and increase metabolism and seek the simple fix of pills to boost our energy and metabolism. However, is it that simple? Therefore, we have six natural ways to maximize our metabolism and energy that you should know and apply to your life.

A person’s metabolism is the chemical process where the body burns and transfers calories into energy. Though we have no control over the genetic influence on our metabolism, natural diet and exercise and lifestyle change are the way to go.

The Two Fundamentals

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Eating, and drinking water are the three fundamentals that will help you boost your energy and metabolism.

Eating at a Regular Time: Our body depends on regularity and balance. Eating daily at a consistent time may manage your metabolic balance. If you eat a lot at one time then take a long break then your body will burn calories slowly and reserve more fat cells. You can decrease this tendency by maintaining a routine for eating. It is ideal to have several snacks or small meals within three or four hours apart.

Drinking Sufficient Water: To function regularly at our best, it is important to stay hydrated. You can also lose weight by drinking water which is good for your optimal metabolism. A study has discovered that if you add 1.5-liter water to your normal water consumption will decrease the average body mass and weight in an age group of 18 to 23 years old obese women.

No Place for Stress

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Getting proper sleep: Though the amount of sleep differentiates among individuals, research dictates that seven-eight hours of sleep is a must. If you don’t get enough sleep, there will be less leptin, a hormone that makes you feel full whether there will be ghrelin which will make you feel more hungry. Sleep will ensure the balance of hormones in your body. It also helps with reducing your stress level.

Decreasing Stress: Stress disrupts the balance of hormones causing to produce more cortisol than normal. It’s a hormone that assists to regulate your appetite. In people with disordered eating, researchers have found abnormal levels of Cortisol in 2011.

Time for Some Workouts

There is no easy way out. Exercise regularly will help you boost energy and metabolism.

Try High-Intensity Workout: HIIT or High-Intensity Interval training is a substitute to steady cardio such as swimming, running, or cycling consistently. A routine of lower-intensity and higher-intensity workouts may help increase your metabolism. It may involve sprinting for one minute then walking for two minutes.

Do Resistance Training: Strength training builds muscle and helps increase metabolism. Muscle mass needs more energy than fat to preserve. Strength training includes weight liftings, utilizing the resistance bands or the weight of your body to build muscle.


There are several other natural ways to increase energy levels and metabolism which involve drinking green tea, check your calorie consumption, etc. Speak to your physician before you make healthy life changes to your already existing exercise and diet plans.

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