Putting Together Business Casual Attire Can Give You That Dashing Look

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If you are looking for some great, simple and smart casual outfits for men, you have come to the right place. Men’s fashion these days is no longer restricted to the traditional mens suits and dark suits with ties. It has evolved into complete casual wear, which can suit both formal and casual occasions. For instance, a good choice of dressing up for an office meeting or even a date can be done in a simple way via instagram. Here are some ideas on how you can dress up for the office without looking over your head:

Office casual outfits men can wear to work will depend a lot on your own personal taste. You may opt for the usual business suit with trousers and shirt. Or perhaps you can wear a button-down shirt along with a pair of khaki trousers and a tie. Whatever it is, just ensure that you keep yourself clean and presentable at all times.

An Overview

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Another option is to wear a jacket along with a pair of trousers in either plain or polished leather. For an extra jolt, you can opt for a monochrome top, which is a little bit edgy. Monochrome tops are now quite popular with men who don’t want their outfit to get out of style too soon. You can also try wearing a blazer in polished leather, which gives you the ability to play down the dullness of the jacket and trousers. This is a perfect match for a formal occasion.

Of course, the chukka boots are always a favourite with the guys. However, this time round you have much more options. While still maintaining a sober appearance, you can opt for chukka boots in corduroy, tweed and even nubuck. All these options make your casual outfits for men look extremely stylish and classy.

Putting Together Business Casual Attire

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If you want to surprise your partner on his birthday, then simply accessorize him in the latest menswear trend – casual shoes. The trend of wearing casual shoes has gained immense popularity in recent times. Men are no longer seen wearing boring sneakers or loafers. The popularity of this footwear is such that you will find men wearing their casual shoes to work, to college, to the gym or even to a pub with their friends. And if you want to get an extra punch in your personality, then you can simply go in for a pair of penny loafers in black or white – a must-have in your closet!

If you are someone who works in an office, then you can never go wrong with a pair of classic business casual attire. Most corporate offices allow men and women to wear a simple t-shirt and some pants. If you wish to be in style and if you want to exude a sense of authority, then you can always choose to wear a dark-coloured business suit. This is something that can always be sported with a tie.

If you have always loved a good dress but are clueless about how to put together business casual attire that will make you look dashing and put together, then you can opt for a dress shirt, a simple necktie and necklaces and a pair of shoes. A nice dress shirt accompanied by a matching necktie can be a real crowd-puller. Remember, you should also coordinate your dress code to that of your colleagues.

Bottom Line

You can always sport a pair of trendy casual shoes in light-weight fabrics like canvas to work or play. It would not be advisable to wear sandals and jeans to the beach. For a comfortable summer day at the beach, you can opt for a pair of comfortable and casual shoes – slip-on sandals would be ideal. Wearing a travmeatherbilly patterned shirt with your white corduroy blouse and simple tie or slip on shoes would be a great combination. For a more formal occasion, a pair of classic dark business casual attire with a vest, tie, chinos or classic chinos, a cardigan or even a cummerbund would be just perfect.

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