Anti Aging Serum Vitamin C

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Moisturizes the skin to prevent skin aging
Whitens the skin, make it look glowing and brighter
Can effectively remove freckles and repair sunburn skin
Ingredients: Vitamin C, hyaluronic acid
Content: 15 ml / Bottle size: 2.5 x 2.5 x 8 cm
Package List:
1 x Face Serum Vitamin C Skin Care

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Anti Aging Serum Vitamin C

Keep your skin healthy and glowing with the Anti Aging Serum Vitamin C. Perfect for all skin types and suitable for men and women. Fix various skin imperfections like freckles and make your skin look bright and well-hydrated because of this serum.

Safe and Effective to Use

We need to pay attention to your skin. You need to invest in skincare products which will best work for you while giving you satisfying results. And of course, you will need Anti Aging serum to make your skin look younger and better. No worries if you have sensitive skin as this serum will still work for you.

Ingredients and its Beauty Benefits

Vitamin C. This skincare serum contains Vitamin C which adds nutrition on the skin to boost cell metabolism. Promoting cell metabolism leads to the production of new cells which can reflect on the surface to look younger.

Hyaluronic acid. You will surely look younger because of the effective combination of hyaluronic acid and Vitamin C. It keeps the skin hydrated due to the natural moisturizing molecules content of the serum which is the hyaluronic acid. It follows the skin smooth resulting in a glowing appearance.

Snail secretion filtrates and sodium hyaluronate. These two ingredients to rejuvenate the skin and prevent it from aging. It helps eliminate spots and even scars on the surface.

Other Beauty Benefits

Aside from the primary purpose of using this serum to keep your skin younger, there are more beauty benefits this serum can provide. It helps to remove dull spots and stains on the face and make your face look glowing and brighter. Regular application of the serum can also lead to the removal of freckles. It can also trigger skin peeling to repair sunburn and transform it into a whiter appearance matching your skin.


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