How To Boost Metabolism?

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Metabolism slows down as we age. Metabolism is the complex biological process our bodies perform to turn the calories we eat and drink into energy. It is the breakdown of food into energy (catabolism); the conversion of food into ‘building blocks’ such as protein into a muscle (anabolism); and the removal of metabolic waste products such as carbon dioxide. The sum of these elements dictates how many calories we require per day.

How To Boost Metabolism?
How To Boost Metabolism?

The Rate Of Human Metabolism Is Influenced By Four Key factors

  • Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR): How many calories we burn at rest. This can be influenced by age, gender, muscle mass, fat mass, and hormones.
  • Thermic Effect of Food (TEF): How many calories it requires to digest and absorb the food we eat. Fat has the lowest TEF, carbs have a medium TEF and protein has a very high TEF. Therefore, a high protein diet can modestly increase metabolic rate.
  • Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis (NEAT): The calories which are burned from activities such as standing up, fidgeting and household chores.
  •  Exercise: Brisk walking, dancing, cardio, weight training, Pilates, aerobics or any form of vigorous exercise.

The slides explained that even when a person is just sitting or doing nothing, his body needs energy for basic things like breathing, repairing cells and adjusting hormones. Even when a person is resting, the body is burning calories and this amount of calories burnt at rest is known as basal metabolic rate. The calories a person burns each day can vary depending upon the activities, but the BMR is constant. This BMR is regulated by hormones and everyone’s BMR is different and depends upon different things like age, gender, body composition, and genetics.

How To Boost Metabolism?
How To Boost Metabolism?

How To Increase Your Metabolic Rate?

Diet plays an important role in boosting your energy levels.

Ayurvedic Diet

To achieve all-around fitness and to boost your metabolism, you also need to work towards your diet. Healthy eating is as essential as fitness once you have crossed 30 years of age. Ayurveda – the ancient Indian science has always focused on health and well-being and an important facet of it is healthy aging.

Eat Less Spicy Foods

To boost your metabolism, it is necessary to eat foods that pacify and cool your system. Foods that nourish, calm, energize, and cool your body are raw foods, bitter or sweet or astringent in taste. Consuming too much sugar may result in weight gain. You need to prevent foods that cause acidity.

Consume more of milk and clarified butter

Clarified butter nourishes the bones and also increases digestive strength. It keeps a check on gastritis and has plenty of anti-aging effects on the body. Ayurveda states that cow’s milk is the most Satvik food, i.e., mentally calming food.

Reduce alcohol, tea and coffee intake and stop smoking

Smoking is extremely harmful no matter what age you are in. Coffee, alcohol, and tea are acidic in nature and hence should be avoided. As you enter your middle age, you will get very vulnerable to diseases and hence it is better to cut down on foods and drinks that lead to any sort of issues in the body.

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