Illuminate Charm, Decorative Glows, Lighting Effects Create Warm And Welcome Romantic Atmosphere

Do you want to provide an illuminating charm and romantic atmosphere to your parties or gatherings? If yes, then why not get started with the incredible fairy string lights. It is an easy way to wrap around clusters or things together, and it looks so beautiful because of its petite nature. Furthermore, the LED fairy light strings are used indoors and outdoors every day for social activities and places like reunions, parties, weddings, etc. These lights acclimatize with the friendliness of the get-together, give warmth to the environment, and help the participants feel relaxed.

LED Fairy Light String For Room, Wedding, Birthday Decoration 

The LED Fairy Light String gives a cozy and warm ambiance to the room. In addition, it is an incredible light source for various purposes such as photography and the decoration of parties and festivals. The best part of these light strings is that they consume low energy and are safe to use. These string lights are waterproof, connectable, and easy to use. It is ideal for all your birthday parties, holiday decorating, and much more. When you decorate your place with these incredible lights, your family and guests will surely adore you. Fortunately, it is available in various colors so that you can pick your favorite ones.

Now you can buy the LED Fairy Light String For Room, Wedding, Birthday Decoration here.


  • Usage: HOLIDAY
  • Is Dimmable: No
  • Color: Blue
  • Plug The Tail: No
  • Certification: CE
  • Head Number: 51-100 head
  • Model Number: 10M 100LEDs
  • Plug Type: None
  • Is Bulbs Included: No
  • Voltage: 6V
  • Light Source: LED Bulbs
  • Battery Type; AA
  • Lighting Distance: 6-10m
  • Music; None
  • Base Type: Wedge
  • Body Material: Plastic
  • Features: LED String Light Waterproof
  • Power Source: Dry Battery
  • Occasion: living room
  • Brand Name; SICCSAEE
  • Holiday Name: Christmas
  • Warranty: 2 years
  • Length: 1000cm
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  • Safe to use: The LED fairy light string is safe for use, as it will not be hot to the touch. So there is no threat if you have pets or young children.
  • Worry less: There is no need to worry about the lights overheating, and it will not cause your decorations to catch fire.
  • Less energy consumption: The fairy light strings are efficient as they consume less energy. They will not result in an enthusiastic energy bill, even if you decide to decorate your home.
  • Availability: You will have many choices; the fairy lights come in various styles, shapes, colors, and sizes, so you can get the perfect one for your style.
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  • Upfront cost: The LED fairy light strings are more expensive than other traditional lights.
  • Lights may be harsh: The LED fairy light string can be harsh for a person.


The impact of string lights is efficiently alleviated such that you feel cheerful, peaceful, and more into the juncture that you are enjoying. So, if you are looking for some more stunning vibes in your day-to-day living, the fairy string lights will be a great way to go.

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