How Your Metabolism Changes As You Age - Learn More

How Your Metabolism Changes As You Age

How Your Metabolism Changes As You Age

As you age your metabolism changes due to a few factors. Being told that you cannot eat as much as you use to as you age can be pretty heartbreaking. However, this is true if you want to maintain a healthy lifestyle. This is because as you age, your metabolism slows down. Making you more prone to extra weight gain. Which of course you do not want. Fortunately, there are a few things you can do to fight against the age-related slow in your metabolism.

Combating Age-Related Slowed Metabolism

Your age may have a lot to do with your metabolism slowing down, but it also has to do with lifestyle changes as you age. For example, as you age there tends to be less daily exercise activity in your lifestyle. To combat this try maintaining a regular light workout routine that keeps you active. Another factor that slows your metabolism as you age is the loss of muscle. The usual adult loses about 3-8% of muscle each decade after the age of 30. This is important to note because lessening your muscle mass also slows your metabolism considerably. Again, to combat this make sure you are working out at a pace that suits your body’s needs.

Trendy Men’s Running Sneakers: An Accessory To Work Out That Helps To Stop Changes In Metabolism In Men

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How Your Metabolism Changes As You Age
How Your Metabolism Changes As You Age

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Women’s Casual Sneakers: An Accessory To Work Out That Helps To Stop Changes In Metabolism In Women

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How Your Metabolism Changes As You Age
How Your Metabolism Changes As You Age

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Chemical Changes That Slow Your Metabolism

The amount of calories you burn at rest is affected by the chemical reactions in your body. There are two main parts that drive these reactions, your sodium-potassium pumps and mitochondria. As you age you will start to notice a slowing in these two components. These two tend to lose efficiency as you age.

How Much Does Your Metabolism Go Down with Age?

The speed at which your metabolism decreases as you age depends on the factors listed above. However, this can vary depending on gender, weight, amount of activity, and food intake. In general, maintaining a healthy lifestyle of eating a small meal or snack at regular intervals every 3-4 hours helps a lot in combating metabolic rates. Additionally, exercising regularly adds activity to your day and aids in improving your metabolism.

Though the slowing of your metabolism as you age is inevitable there are steps you can take to combat this. Again, the most important things are eating and exercising right. This gives your body the right lifestyle it needs in maintaining itself even with age. Furthermore, getting enough rest is important as rest helps your body recuperate and keep itself in top shape as you go about your daily activates.

Taking the time to take care of your body is important. As you age, there are a number of health risks that arise. Through doing the proper things you can mitigate such risks and therefore ensure a long and healthy life. Keeping all this in mind, you can slow the process of your metabolic rate decreasing and keep the shape and form you want at whatever age you may be.

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