How To Increase Your Metabolism

Fasting Boosts Metabolism And Fights Ageing

To increase your metabolism, you need first to understand how the process works. Metabolism is a process where your body maintains various metabolic cycles. It comprises of two process anabolism and catabolism. In simple words, it’s a process of digestion and transportation of nutrients to the cells, which requires energy for the process. So to increase the utilization of this released energy in the body, you can try various methods. It would help if you found regular eating, sleeping, and exercise routine that you believe you can maintain forever. Not just as a short term fix to “lose some weight.” Test and experiment and find things that you think you can permanently adopt.

How To Increase Your Metabolism
How To Increase Your Metabolism

Ways To Increase Your Metabolism

It would be best if you had a variety in your exercise routine, both in activity and in intensity. It would help if you had carefree days. You need tough days where you ramp your heart rate very high, which works great for raising your metabolism. Also, some in the middle workouts should be there. Add some weights for tone and injury prevention. It would help if you had a menu of activities that you can pick from so you can maintain your workouts year-round, regardless of whether or travel. Don’t do the same thing every day. Your body will adjust and plateau, and you’ll get bored. Every food requires energy for digestion, so it is with proteins.

As per studies, TEF (Thermic Effect of Food) of proteins is higher than carbohydrates and fat, which means protein requires more energy for digestion. The protein-rich diet increases metabolism by 30%, also proteins take time to digest and provide fullness to the meal, so help sin lower intake of calories.

Strength training helps in building muscles big. Muscles consume more energy for their repair and maintenance. The bigger the muscle, the higher is the calories required for their support. The body utilizes energy while we are at rest, which is the resting metabolic rate, which is higher in people with large muscles in their body, which employs 75% of our total energy.

Thermogenic food 

Green Tea- Catechins in green tea is supposed to burn metabolic rate.

Coffee- Black coffee raises BMR is an excellent prework out of the meal.

Dark Chocolate– Dark chocolate helps to raise the metabolism, flavonoids present in the chocolate increases BMR.

Capsaicin -present in hot chilies, and bell peppers boost metabolism.

Matcha Tea– Contains EGCG which helps in boosting metabolism

How To Increase Your Metabolism
How To Increase Your Metabolism

What To Avoid

Don’t spend time overanalyzing which of these will impact metabolism or which will accomplish what. Do all of them, and do them forever.

Also, stop drinking calories. Juice and soda are just killers. You get a bunch of sugar calories but no impact on reducing your hunger.

Alcohol has calories, reduces your inhibitions (leading to overeating), and disrupts your sleep. Moderate, and do not drink after dinner.

Sugar and simple carbs are absolute killers. Eat-in extreme moderation. Moderate “white foods” (potatoes, bread, pasta) that we tend to eat regularly. Remember that practically everything, mainly processed food, is mostly carbs, and it takes a real effort to keep them at bay. Eat real, whole, grains and ingredients. Make sure to devise a diet plan with lots of small meals with healthy snacks in between.

Keeping a food log will be very helpful. Sleep and stress have a profound impact on your weight — our body stores fat when under pressure. So drink water or tea instead of coffee or aerated drinks. It gives your mouth something to do and helps satisfy your hunger.

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