Fasting Boosts Metabolism -

Fasting Boosts Metabolism

Fasting Boosts Metabolism And Fights Ageing

Fasting is a very beneficial activity for the body. Various studies show that fasting has a lot of benefits. Eating more than necessary is harmful to the body moreover our stomach is unable to break down food. A person must eat the right amounts of food as well as at the right time. Eating at irregular times also cause the metabolism of the body to not function properly. A proper diet consists of all the nutrients and minerals in sufficient quantity as well as eating at the specified time.

What Happens To The Body While Fasting

During the starvation period, the body faces a number of distinct changes. Our body needs excess amounts of carbohydrates. It uses them as fuel whenever it needs to. They provide our body with an instant burst of energy whereas once all the carbohydrates are empty it looks elsewhere for energy. Then the body derives the glucose from amino acids and other stuff. Fasting results in the production of more acid in the stomach. Our stomach becomes acidic and it then digests the food easily. Some people also suffer from the problem of acidity when they are starving.

Benefits Of Fasting

Fasting relaxes our metabolism system. It allows the body to relax it’s body muscles as well as generate energy. Our body breaks down the food by using its muscles consequently if the body is unable to do so our body falls ill. A major benefit of fasting is that it promotes anti Ageing. Everybody nowadays wants to look younger than their actual age. Scientists believe that starving boosts anti Ageing cells in the body. As the body ages, the metabolism weakens moreover if a person fasts regularly they have a stronger metabolism. Strong metabolism leads to the formation of anti-ageing properties. It also might help in increasing the life span.

Some More Benefits Of Fasting

Reduces insulin production

Excess insulin production is very harmful to the body. It often leads to a person having diabetes. It is a very painful and harmful disease

Fights inflammation

Fasting helps the body to fight inflammation of body parts. Inflammation is a major cause of cancer and it occurs because of improper metabolic activities.

Improves heart health

It keeps the cholesterol levels in check as well as allows the heart to pump the blood effectively and efficiently to all the parts

Improves  brain health

Fasting prevents the body from a neurological disorder. Neurological disorders are rare but very deadly. They inhibit the body to perform any activity.

Helps Weight loss

Weight loss means the body has a good metabolic system.

Improves growth and muscle strength

Fit and healthy body develops muscles instead of fats. A muscular body is very attractive as well as appealing to a fat body.


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Fasting is a very essential method to keep the body fit and healthy. It should be done regularly such as once a week. Everyone such as kids, elders, teenagers, men as well as women should participate in it.

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