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Avocado Nutrition

All About Avocado Nutrition

Scientifically known as Persea Americana, avocado is a fruit. Also, it is mainly found in Central America and Mexico. Further, avocado nutrition has an excellent profile. Also, the avocado has several health benefits, such as the reduce risk of heart diseases.

Moreover, a brownie point it can be eaten raw. Further, they are available in color, size, and shape. However, Hass avocado, which is round with black skin, is the most popular.

Avocado Nutrition Level

The avocado comprises of 73% water content, 15% fat, 8.5% carbohydrates, and 2% protein. Further, half an avocado contains 109 calories, corresponding to per 100 grams which contain 160 calories.


However, as compared to other fruits, avocados contain very less sugar. Further, sugar in the form of, fructose, glucose, and galactose is present in an avocado.

Moreover, because of the low sugar count, they do not raise sugar levels in the human body.


4.5 grams of fiber is provided by half an avocado, which is very high. Further, it lowers the risk of many diseases.

All About Avocado Nutrition
All About Avocado Nutrition

Minerals And Vitamins

Many essential vitamins and minerals are present in avocados. Thus, the most highly present minerals and vitamins are listed below.

Folate (B9): A lot of folates are present in avocado. Further, these are essential for normal cell function and growth of the tissues. Moreover, it is essential for pregnant women.

Vitamin K1: Vitamin K1 is essential for the clotting of the blood. Moreover, it also beneficial for the health of the bones.

Potassium: A mineral, beneficial for balancing the blood pressure and maintaining the health of the heart. Also, more potassium is present in avocados than bananas.

Copper: It is usually low in the western diet.  Further, low copper intake may adversely affect the health of the heart.

Vitamin E:  Fatty plant foods contain vitamin E in high amounts. Moreover, it is a powerful antioxidant present in any food.

Vitamin B6: However, this vitamin is essential for converting food into energy.

Vitamin C: An antioxidant that is important for the health of the skin and building immunity.

Other Plant Components

However, there are many plant components in avocados.

Carotenoids: Many carotenoids, such as lutein and zeaxanthin are present in avocados.  Further, these are important for the health of the eyes. Moreover, it is said to diminish the risk of eye diseases due to age.

Persenones A and B: Unique antioxidants that protect against inflammation and cancer.

D-Mannoheptulose: Avocado has a sugar content which claims to assist with blood sugar control.

Therefore, eating fat, along with avocados, increases the absorption of compounds mentioned above in the body.

All About Avocado Nutrition
All About Avocado Nutrition


Being rich in mono-unsaturated fatty acids, avocados have oleic acid. Thus, it provides protection against heart-related diseases, diabetes, and cancer.

Benefits Of Avocado Nutrition

Adding avocados to your diet makes you full and reduces the desire of eating more. Further, it lowers cholesterol levels in the body. Also, it reduces arthritis symptoms.

Moreover, it helps to keep sugar levels low and reduce the risk of heart diseases.

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