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3 Advice for Metabolism Types Biology

metabolism types biology

Before we know about the three types of metabolism, let’s jog our memory a little and relearn the definition of metabolism as we did in school. In short, metabolism is the necessary biochemical process that maintains the cell’s living conditions in an organism. The living organism needs the energy to produce substances and to continue the different processes.

Anabolism and Catabolism are the two types of metabolic process that stores energy and releases energy respectively. It is the release and burning of the energy that decides our body shapes and sizes. The metabolism has three types in our diverse biology such as endomorph, ectomorph, mesomorph. So, this article is all going to be about how to balance your diet and exercise according to your metabolism type.


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People with an endomorph type of metabolism have more fat and a larger bone frame than others. They can gather more nutrients but can’t burn them easily. That’s why it is difficult for them to lose a considerable amount of weight. With a round body, thick legs, and arms, they have weaker upper bodies than others. However, typically they have stronger leg muscles than their upper bodies.

Dieting and exercising advice:

A diet that’s Paleo-centric could be good for those of you with endomorph metabolism.

Instead of working out on the treadmill, you should have thirty minutes of cardio on your exercise plan to lose all over body fat with profuse perspiration and burning the excess energy.

Try to have fewer carbohydrates on your diet plan except for oats, vegetables, and brown rice.

Ensure that there is enough fiber on your diet to fill you rather than consuming fast food to feel full.


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Quintessentially, those of you who have mesomorph as a metabolism type have the great fortune of getting an athletic body and quicker muscle intake. However, you tend to take it for granted and because you have quicker body fat intake too, you can become overweight if not being careful.

Dietary and Exercising advice:

Try to have a healthy culmination of complex protein, carbohydrate, and fat on your diet.

A mixture of strength training and cardio will give you the best result for your athletic body.

Plyometric exercises include power moves like burpees, squat jacks, and split jumps that can give you that fitness of the next level.

Try to decrease the number of carbohydrates if you want to lose some weight. You should add some good sources of protein to your diet.


With fast metabolism and narrow frames, those who have an ectomorph as a metabolic type, their biology seems to be more on the slender side. Putting on a healthy weight is very hard for them. Rather than overstuffing yourself, small meals in between gaps and protein in your diet would be the key to maintaining a healthy weight.

Dieting and exercising advice:

Always have complex carbs in your diet and have protein shakes, especially after your workout.

Focus more on strength training instead of cardio for one or two days.

Never skip your breakfast. Try to eat six small meals a day instead of three larger meals.

Intense strength training for three days a week can be the main exercise to strengthen all your groups of muscles.


In the end, it doesn’t matter what your body shape is until you are healthy and happy. When your body size hinders your daily life, that’s the time for a reality check. Check your metabolism and start being healthy and happy.

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